Wine Review: Corvezzo Terre di Marca Prosecco “Sur lie” Frizzante

Terre di Marca is a label of Azienda Corvezzo, which is located in the Veneto region of Italy. The Terre di Marca label specializes in Prosecco and Pinot Grigio, but all wines by Corvezzo are 100% organic. They started the organic conversion in 2010 and completed it in 2017. I’m not going to waste time by going further writing a blurb about them because you have GOT to see their awesome website called The Organic Prosecco ( It’s got a fun and educational layout to show you how they go about making their wines organically.
The “Sur lie” wines are produced the way the Italian ancestors made Prosecco (or sparkling wine, really), including the bottle enclosure tied with string. They’re both unfiltered and undergoes a natural second fermentation (carbonation) in each individual bottle. Prosecco today is filtered and sees second fermentation in large pressurized stainless steel tanks. The Prosecco “Sur lie” Frizzante is made from 100% Glera on limestone soil, has a 10.5% ABV, and 0 grams of residual sugar.
Because this is unfiltered and the lees remain bottled, you will notice a lot of sediment on the bottom when you buy it. So you’ll need to hold the bottle upside down from the neck and shake it by swirling the bottom around to bring that sediment back into the wine. Be careful, though. This is carbonated. If you just shake it up and down like a maniac, like you’re trying to prank somebody with a soda, you’ll have wine exploding all over yourself and your ceiling.
The wine is hazy, its color like freshly squeezed lime juice. The nose is yeasty with aromas of limes, spiced apple, and spiced pears. On the palate the frizzante (lightly carbonated) gives it a nice airy mouthfeel on its medium body. The acidity is bright, which accentuates the lime flavor over its buddies apple and pear. Then it finishes juicy and refreshing. I like that this is nothing like your average Prosecco. I like that it’s almost like drinking some juice concoction with lime as the headliner, both on the eyes and on the palate. It would even be good as a cocktail if you add some vodka. 
Just like the Rosé “Sur lie” Frizzante, it doesn’t look like this is being sold in United States right now. But it’s sold for roughly $13 in the European Union, so I’m running with that. And I’m going to give it a recommendation, not just because it’s good, but because I also am a big supporter of trying different things.
Price: $13