Sicilian Cannolo with RA’IS Essenza Baglo di Pianetto

Sicilian Cannolo with RA’IS Essenza Baglo di Pianetto

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Jessica Altieri on February 17, 2019 – 12:42 pm in Featured Video, Jessica Altieri, Killer Pairings, WineChannelTV


NAME’S ORIGIN: “Ra’Is” was the leader of the Sicilian tuna fishermen.rais_essenza Wine Channel TV
DENOMINATION: IGT Terre Siciliane.
LOCATION: Contrada Baroni, Noto (SR).

Fresh, elegant but at the same time balanced character and supported, the name of this Muscat is a tribute to the traditional activities of unchallenged popular Sicily of the past. Ra’is was the Arabic word given in the tuna fishing the team leader, very often of Tunisian origin. The Ra’ís grapes come entirely from Baroni held; not far indeed it stood here one of the last active traps of the island.

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