Once Upon A Wine experiences new releases from Zonte’s Footstep

Who is Zonte’s Footstep?

Zonte’s Footstep is an Australian winery based in the McLaren Vale and makes wines from McLaren Vale, the Barossa Valley, Langhorne Creek, Fleurieu Peninsula and the Adelaide Hills. Zonte’s Footstep share a passion for producing and drinking great wines. They also offer their wines to consumers at value for money prices.

Wines Once Upon A Wine tried:
Once Upon A Wine experienced some new release whites and Rosé:

  • 2016 Doctoressa Di Lago Pinot Grigio
  • 2016 Excalibur Sauvignon Blanc
  • 2016 Scarlet Ladybird Rosé
    Zonte’s Footstep lineup

2016 Doctoressa Di Lago Pinot Grigio

Zonte’s Footstep 2016 Doctoressa di Lago Pinot Grigio

The Zonte’s Footstep 2016 Doctoressa di Lago Pinot Grigio is made using fruit from the Adelaide Hills. It has nice pear, and zingy citrus fruit flavours. Crisp and refreshing. Only $18 a bottle. Can be enjoyed on its own or with a seafood dish. Behind the name-  Doctoressa di Lago means Lake Doctor and signifies a cooling breeze that goes over the Lake Alexandrina from the Great Southern Ocean and flows onto the Zonte’s Footstep vineyard which overlooks the beautiful lake.

2016 Excalibur Sauvignon Blanc

Zonte’s Footstep 2016 Excalibur Sauvignon Blanc

The Zonte’s Footstep 2016 Excalibur Sauvignon Blanc is made using fruit from the Adelaide Hills. It has lovely fresh and zesty citrus and lime fruit flavours. It is very food friendly and could be enjoyed well by being nicely chilled on a warm sunny day with friends. Only $18 a bottle. Behind the name: Excalibur hails from the heart of one of the best regions for producing Sauvignon Blanc in South Australia. 

2016 Scarlet Ladybird Rosé

Zonte’s Footstep 2016 Scarlett Ladybird Rosé

It’s Rosé time! The Zonte’s Footstep 2016 Scarlett Ladybird Rosé is made with fruit from the Fleurieu Peninsula. It has beautiful strawberry, cherry and peach fruit flavours. This wine gives you a wonderful strawberry and creme like mouth feel. It would go down well on a nice summer’s day. It would pair perfectly with spicy Asian dishes. Even better its only $18 a bottle. Although Scarlett is a lady, remember, real men drink pink! Yes way Rosé! Behind the name: This wine is named in tribute of the the useful Scarlet ladybirds (also known as ladybugs) that eat the pests in the vineyards. 

A big thanks to Tess from Zonte’s Footstep for givng me the opportunity to try these wines. Amazing value for money wines with delicious flavours.


Once Upon A Wine

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Wines were enjoyed compliments of Zonte’s Footstep. However, the opinions on the wine are my own.

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